InVitro International represents decades of experience and scientific expertise performing Irritection® Assay System and Corrositex® testing. Our products are convenient laboratory test kits that permit accurate and cost-effective detection of irritating or corrosive substances. If you don’t have time or laboratory space to perform the test, we are happy to do it for you.


An OECD/GHS approved corrosive/non-corrosive test which classifies United Nations (U.N.) Packing Group I, II, III, and NON-Corrosive (& their GHS equivalents) for Class 8 corrosives with 96+% accuracy. Also accepted by DOT, OSHA, EPA, Transport Canada, IATA, Consumer Product Safety Commission, ECVAM, EU, and more.

Item Number
Kit Description
9301 Corrositex® – 4 Samples (OECD TG 435) $2,295
9304 Corrositex® – 3 Samples (OECD TG 435) $1,895
9302 Corrositex® – 2 Samples (OECD TG 435) $1,595
9303 Corrositex® – 1 Sample (OECD TG 435) $1,195
Premade*/4 Premade Biobarriers for Corrositex® – 4 Sample $450
Premade*/3 Premade Biobarriers for Corrositex® – 3 Sample $350
Premade*/2 Premade Biobarriers for Corrositex® – 2 Samples $250
Premade*/1 Premade Biobarriers for Corrositex® – 1 Samples $200
* Biobarriers are pre-made from the kit components in our laboratory when you order the kit. We ship premade Biobarriers refrigerated & are ready for immediate use within 7 days (shelf life).
***A 10% discount applies with the purchase of 5 or more KITS***


Irritection® Assay System

This advanced technology system allows you to get your new products to market faster (1-3 months faster) at half (or less) the cost, with a potentially distinguished marketing profile. Ocular Irritection® is the only 100% non-animal ocular test adopted by OECD (TG496). We offer a variety of applications which help meet GHS requirements where these assays assess ocular and/or dermal irritation. The Irritection® Assay System utilizes an automated plate reader, for speed and throughput, and customized Windows software, for automatic transfer and analysis of data, thus providing accurate and reproducible results in as few as 24 hours. If you train at IVRO and do the tests in your lab, costs per assay can be as low as $500. IAS test results are available via 1, 2, 3 and 4 sample kits.


Item Number
Kit Description
9624 Ocular Irritection® – 4 Samples (OECD TG 496) $2,295
9623 Ocular Irritection® – 3 Samples (OECD TG 496) $1,995
9622 Ocular Irritection® – 2 Samples (OECD TG 496) $1,595
9621 Ocular Irritection® – 1 Sample (OECD TG 496) $1,295
9724 Dermal Irritection® – 4 Samples $2,195
9723 Dermal Irritection® – 3 Samples $1,895
9722 Dermal Irritection® – 2 Samples $1,495
9721 Dermal Irritection® – 1 Sample $1,195
***A 10% discount applies with the purchase of 5 or more KITS***

Laboratory Services

Irritection® and Corrositex® results can also be obtained by sending us 10 ml (10 grams solid) ** of your sample material. All InVitro laboratory services final reports will be e-mailed within 5-7 working days* of receipt of test samples, or 24-48 hours if expedited service is requested.


Lab Services Corrositex®
Irritection® Assay System
Dermal Irritection® Ocular Irritection®
Dermal AND Ocular Irritection®
1-4 Samples $1,595 each $1,395 each $1,595 each $2,495 each
5-9 Samples $1,435 each $1,255 each $1,435 each $2,245 each
10+ samples Contact IVRO Contact IVRO Contact IVRO Contact IVRO

Ophthalmologist Review – $400 (per result)

*Expedite Service (24-48 hours) $325 per test result.
**Corrosive disposal charge of $95 if more than 10 ml sent

Call for additional volume discounts
Terms: Net 30 days. FOB Placentia, California

Effective March 1, 2020. Prices subject to change without notice

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