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The Irritection® Assay System is a standardized and quantitative in vitro test method which allows predicting the ocular and dermal irritancy of chemicals, mixtures and product formulations.

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Corrositex® is an in vitro test that determines chemical corrosivity and permits assignment of GHS Category and U.N. Packing Group classification for Class 8 corrosives.

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Lab Services

InVitro performs standard testing services for Ocular/ Dermal Irritection® Assay System and Corrositex® as well as providing Customized Technology Services.

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Welcome To InVitro International

InVitro International offers REACH/GHS quality test technologies...

InVitro International (IVRO), headquartered in Placentia, CA was established in September 1985 and is a customer and technology driven provider of non-animal testing methods. IVRO develops and commercializes globally both test kits, and laboratory services.

Our testing technologies are designed to produce global Regulatory Agency accepted data re: ocular/dermal irritation® and corrosivity which correlate highly with animal and human test results. Corrositex®, InVitro’s dermal corrosion testing assay, is accepted by GHS/OECD as well as virtually all other Agencies globally.

Ocular Irritection® has been accepted by REACH (GHS) to assess chemicals and formulations in Europe’s several year ongoing program to re-classify all chemicals used there. Whether using InVitro International testing data alone, or with weight of evidence reasoning, Ocular Irritection® and Irritection® Dermal test results are part of a 25+ year record of accurately predicting human eye and skin irritation®.

Contact InVitro International at 1-800-2-INVITRO any time for more information.

The InVitro International Advantage

  • “The Corrositex® Advantage”: Ensures Compliance, Convenient, Cost effective, and Government approved

  • Corrositex® vs. In vivo or pH Testing : Corrositex® provides quicker results and greater accuracy

  • Need results quickly? Send your sample today and get your results in 24-48 hours!

  • Over 25 years of proven performance in the marketplace. A Cruelty free, humane approach to meeting product safety testing requirements.