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InVitro's products are convenient laboratory test kits that permit accurate and cost-effective detection and characterization of irritating or corrosive substances. They are typically utilized by manufacturers of surfactants; petrochemicals; cosmetics; textiles; paper and pulp; pharmaceuticals; films and resins; solvents and cleaners; and other chemical raw materials as reliable substitutes for conventional animal tests of ocular and dermal irritancy or dermal corrosivity. The Company's products include the following:

This advanced technology system replaces and significantly enhances the Company's earlier Eytex® and Skintextm products. There are a variety of applications in which these assays assess ocular and/or dermal irritation. The Irritection Assay System utilizes an automated platereader, for speed and throughput, and customized Windows software, for automatic transfer and analysis of data, thus providing accurate and reproducible results in 24 hours.

A Department of Transportation (DOT) approved corrosivity test which, in less than 4 hours, permits assignment of United Nations (U.N.) Packing Group classifications I, II, III or Non-Corrosive for Class 8 corrosives. Corrositex is also accepted by Consumer Products Safety Commission, EPA, European Centre Committee for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM), FDA, IATA, OSHA and Transport Canada.


Customized Technology Services In addition to these products, the Company provides Customized Technology Services (CTS). This laboratory group provides two important services:
  • CTS provides consultation during every phase of your Irritection Assay System installation and testing process. Initially, CTS scientists will analyze representative samples of your materials and establish customized test protocols for them. Following this, CTS management will prepare a detailed report that includes specific recommendations for implementation of the Irritection technology in your own facility. After installation of the system, the CTS group will continue to provide consultation and assistance to meet all of your irritancy testing needs. It also can function as an independent testing laboratory for companies which choose to outsource their irritancy and corrosivity testing requirements.

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